The Last to Stand: William Baker Neighbourhood, July 2013

A beautiful and serene place to be destroyed and forgotten

Abandoned and almost forgotten, William Baker Neighbourhood, the last Canadian military housing area in Toronto, was expected to be demolished last fall, but the empty houses still hold their watch.

Deconstruction has not begun, yet a lone excavator can be seen standing on the roadside. Although the military completed its eviction process, the local city council struggled to authorize the development to begin.

According to Toronto City Planning, Senior Planner Colin Ramdial, a Request for Proposals was issued by Parc Downsview Park Inc. in summer 2012 for a builder to develop a significant part of the William Baker District. “Since then, Canada Lands Company (CLC) has assumed operations of all of the Parc Downsview Park lands. I understand CLC is conducting an operational review of all of these land holdings, which include the William Baker lands. To date, no development applications have been submitted for William Baker and I am not aware if a builder has been selected”, says Colin Ramdial.

Earlier this year a Petition to Save William Baker Neighbourhood could not reach its 10000 signatures goal.

In the absence of residents, trees and wildlife have taken over.