The Space in Between: Variety Village

This project is about people in a sensitive state of body and mind, photographed in a very special environment. When I first approached Variety Village, I did not expect a quick response and I was most certain that they would refuse my offer. Yet they did not. They were happy to have me come over and take pictures. They told me, that no one would mind it, and that in fact some might really enjoy being photographed, because they rarely are. That was a moment of great surprise and relief.

So what exactly is Variety Village? Initially, a project of Variety the Children’s Charity, it is now a full time fitness and life skills facility that is focusing on inspiring people of all ages and abilities to become active and to be proud of their achievements. Variety Village offers a wide range of specialized programs to all its members and their families. Being a closed community rather than a sports centre, the Village promotes appreciation, equality, self-esteem, and above everything else wellness and education.

The book can be downloaded here: Sandra Shore “The Space in Between”