Remembrance Day 2013

Army Reserve Parade is held annually on the Sunday before November 11

Canadians are a proud nation, even though nowadays no one can tell exactly how Canadians look like. Are they descendants of white European settlers? Are they immigrants of different origin who helped build this country? Are they young people coming here from all parts of the world in search for a better life? “Canadian national identity” is a very complex term, described not only by ethnicity and language, but also by a shared vision for the world. There are quite a few things Canadians have in common despite their various appearances, one of those things being pride and respect for Canadian Forces. Most people cheer and salute whenever they see a man dressed in military uniform. Private K. says people on the streets often ask for permission to take a picture of him when he is returning from duty. He also tells that TTC employees refused to charge him any fare on numerous occasions. Canadians are indeed very fond of their military and it seems they just love to demonstrate their affection. Military parades here have high crowd attendance rates.

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