The End of Depression

When the days merge in one, and the feelings dull, when the food loses taste, and the colours fade. When getting up in the morning is the biggest challenge of each day, and even the most basic chore seems excruciating… Depression. A battle with oneself that can last a lifetime. Unpredictable, tedious, lonesome, unyielding… Or is it? What awaits one at the end of depression? Will the normality return? Will the time start its flow again? Will the food taste better? Will there be warmth in all things and faces? This project strives to answer all these questions and more.

The End of Depression is precisely what its name suggests – an illustration of the experience of a person emerging from the other side of depression. It is a statement of my personal journey and battle with depression. On the most fundamental level, these images are also photographs of scenes that make me feel better. I gladly share this project and hope that it will prompt further discussion on the subject of depression. If along the way, it can make someone else feel better too, it would be all I could ask for.